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Pipe Re-lining

Pipe Re-lining Melbourne

Pipe re-lining is one of the newest technologies within the plumbing industry.  Pipe re-lining involves floating a rope from one point of the drain to another and then inserting a custom-made bladder into the drain.  This bladder is pulled into the drain via the rope and using CCTV drain cameras where we can position the bladder through the damaged section of pipework.

This bladder has a layer of resin that when inflated, sets inside the drain.  The bladder is then deflated and removed from the drain causing a seamless pipe repair.  This system of pipe re-lining causes a broken pipe to be repaired from the inside, therefore eliminating the need for excavations in most cases.  All our re-lining jobs are backed by a full 15-year guarantee and a certificate of compliance is given after every job.  For all your pipe re-lining needs contact the experts at Sven’s Plumbing & Gas.

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Other Services we provide

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