Hi, I’m Sven.

Since I was about 10, I always wanted to be in business.  Why, I honestly have no idea, but what I do know is that I have put my blood sweat and tears into building my business from the ground up.  I have worked tirelessly my whole life and have put my entire life savings into my dream, which is “Sven’s Plumbing and Gas”.

Why choose us?  Because you won’t find another plumber who cares more about his customers and business than I do.  I have put over $100,000 into my machinery and set up because I want it to be perfect! I want you to be shocked at the quality of our workmanship, service and knowledge when it comes to domestic plumbing and gas.

What can we offer? For starters, state of the art technology, temporary hot water units, CCTV cameras, Hydro jet high pressure drain clearing equipment, real 24/7 service and peace of mind that all of our insurances and licensing are in order.

What else can we offer?  One word “EXPERIENCE”.  I personally was trained by a plumber who was nearing retirement from a company that was old school.  I’m talking the way that they used to do things.   Building houses like bomb shelters and actually welding pipes together so they last the test of time!  That company went bankrupt and I eventually moved my way up into the more “premium service” companies.  Yeah, these companies have the best technology and know how to make the customers life easy but you will pay an absolute fortune for the privilege and the quality of workmanship is average!

What is my goal?

To split the difference between these two ideals.  I have the best equipment and the best service, but I also remember how things used to be done and will not do things on the cheap.  I care about my customers and will never hire staff that are just after a pay cheque!  If you are unhappy then we are unhappy! And that’s not just some cheap tag line I found off the internet.  That is how I feel about my business.

Give us a chance and you will not be disappointed!

If you have any queries about our services, equipment or charges please do not hesitate to call Sven’s Plumbing and Gas on:

1300 007 836


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